In today's insurance world there are more companies and more products than consumers know what to do with. That is why we decided to partner with PPI Solutions. They specialize in all aspects of the insurance industry including actuarial, tax accountants and lawyers. At the root of every insurance plan is a need-based assessment that helps us understand your goals and then helps us to find a solution that provides the right coverage at the right price. Your life, your family and your business deserve the right protection.

There are several main types of insurance that consumers should be aware of. Below you will find a list of options to help illustrate the different types. The cost of insurance is affected by age, gender, smoking status, personal and family health history. Planning for the future can be scary, that's why it is important to protect it.




Exactly how it sounds- the living benefits provide you with assistance throughout your lifetime.




The most cost effective type of life insurance, a term policy, has a specified time frame. This insurance remains the perfect tool for young families to ensure your beneficaries are protected from financial hardship. The cost remains level over the duration of the term.

Critical Illness insurance allows you to protect your income by providing a one-time cash benefit if you are diagnosed with one of the seven covered main conditions.

Whole life or Universal Life lasts a lifetime and ensures you will leave a financial legacy. Although it can be more expensive than term in the early years, it has attractive investment features called cash values. These policies can help build assets in a tax efficient manner for your retirement or estate plan.


Long Term

Long Term




Long term disability insurance can provide a monthly benefit to replace your income should you suffer a disability from sickness or an accident.

Long term care insurance can provide money in your retirement when you can no longer take care of yourself.